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IPO TUBE ALIGHT & CONIC JOINT : Innovative aluminum tubes and fittings for air conditioners.

Aluminum tubes for air conditioners have many more advantages than those of copper tubes.
1. Aluminum is lighter than copper and has lower thermal conductivity
2. Aluminum is easier to cut / bend and can be used like copper.
Aluminum tubes, however, were hardly used as refrigerant tubes because of a risk of galvanic corrosion when connecting with other metals and the leakage of refrigerant gases after the flaring
(=aluminum is softer than copper in general and thus, it is rather difficult to make a good shape flaring).
However, all these problems can be solved by Conic Joint, an innovative flareless joint for aluminum tubes, developed by INOAC.

No more galvanic corrosion even if connected with other metals.
Flaring is no necessary for connecting.
In addition, the density of aluminum is one-third compared with that of copper and thus significant weight reduction can be achieved.

IPO-TUBE / Insulated copper tubes for air conditioners

Copper tubes for air conditioners

Main features:
1. Surface pattern of the insulating foam eases the pressure and wrinkle when bending work.
2. Higher reliability of PE foam comes from our leading technology.
3. Wide range of choice (flame retardant type is available)
4. New refrigerant (R410A/407C) is OK.

CLEAN DUCT / Cosmetic case for air conditioner pipes

A wide range of accessories for Clean Duct makes it easy for installers to layout air-conditioning pipes beautifully and perfectly in any condition.

AIPOLY BROADPIPE / High performance PE pipe

AIPOLY BROADPIPE is made from high-density polyethylene certified as PE100 in accordance with ISO 9080.
This material offers the world’s highest level of long-term hydrostatic pressure strength.
(Available up to OD800)

Main features:
1. Earthquake resistance
It has a great flexibility and can accommodate ground subsidence and earthquakes flexibly.
2. Workability
Polyethylene is lightweight & flexible, easy bending / piping without tools.
3. Durability
Long-term durability due to the use of a high-density polyethylene(PE100).
4. Pressure resistance
EF and Butt welding joints can ensure tight seal against water and air.
5. Corrosion resistance
Polyethylene is chemically stable and is not at risk of corrosion from soil.

"OYU-POLY" series / PEX PIPE for water supply to in-house use

This series is made from cross-linked polyethylene with superior cold / heat resistance and with an abundant line-up.
We realize "labor-saving construction" "on-site zero waste generation," and "quality assurance" by precut / prefabrication processing at our factories before delivering to each site.

Main features:
1. Excellent flexibility
-Bendable by hand
-Can reduce fittings to be used.
2. Excellent pressure/temperature resistance
-Easy to connect
-No special skill required
-Japan quality, no leakage
-Saving installation time, saving cost.
3. Available various fittings
-Can be used widely for in-house use.
-Longer life & higher reliability


Can utilize Polyethylene Pipe to build floating facilities such as pier, fish tank, pavement.

Main features:
1. No corrosion
2. Excellent ocean wave proof strength
3. Eco-friendly system
4. 100% customized design can be provided
5. On-site installation


Various types of products based on function and application are available.

Main features:
1. Three types(=materials) are available (PU, PE, EPDM)
-Each material has its own strong points such as non-flammability, high temperature resistance,
weatherability, or cleanliness.
-Easy installation

2. Excellent function
-Thermal conductivity : 0.024 W/m・K
-Flammability : Max UL94 V0

-Heat resistance : Max 155℃
3. Available various forming method
-Extruded tube
-Heat laminate tubing from sheet
-Vacuum forming
-Cold pressing