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Innovation created by intellectual property

With a history of more than half a century, our company has been developing and manufacturing products with the accumulated knowledge to meet to the various needs. As a result, we acquired a lot of domestic / foreign patents. Development capabilities to produce only one product are one of our strengths.

Main services

We develop our products by many molding technologies such as injection, extrusion (foaming), vacuum, hot pressure, and blowing etc. to meet diversified needs from customers.
Especially, we have multi-layer extrusion technology for extrusion molding and we have installed a state-of-the-art extruder at our Indonesia factory.

By using a resin (PE) product that is excellent in durability and workability, we can build a floating structure such as a floating bridge or a fish tank.
Running cost can be reduced because the durability is excellent and maintenance is not required.
It also contributes to shortening the construction period because of its lightweight and easy assemble.

We make urethane foamed approximately 30 times by mixing only two solutions with necessary amount at the site.
It is possible to match any the mountain shape. It is also effective for the work on steep slopes, to reduce the earth pressure for buildings, and prevention of subsidence in embankment work.