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We present what customers really need
by the most appropriate way.

We are developing products from materials, assuming the use under various environments.
We own our laboratory to meet our customers' request quickly, such as making a prototype production.
We are proud of our quality control ranging from inspection in process, or of finished products, to prevention of defects.

Main services

Product development,
using variations materials
and technology of INOAC

INOAC corporation has developed materials, such as urethane, resin, and rubber and by using these materials, they have developed products for automotive parts, industrial materials, and consumers by shaping or processing.
Our company utilizes its material and technology to develop products to the residential field.
There is a big difference in the quality required for automobile parts and housing equipment.
For example, in the residential field, not only can it withstand strong alkaline and strongly acidic detergents, but also water resistance is important.
Quality with longer product life cycle is required than that of auto parts.

It is system proposal by having many specialists in each field

Our company manufactures and sells products in various fields.
We have many specialists in various fields such as housing, water supplies, factories, buildings, offices, infrastructure, and civil engineering etc., and therefore we can make system proposals in corporation with its each field.

It is possible to make
a prototype and
evaluation speedily.

We can make a prototype speedily at our laboratory in Nagoya using 3D printer, lathes, milling boards, drilling boards etc. necessary for making prototype.
We also have a 2-story model house equipped with kitchen and wash-basin facilities.
By changing water pressure, the measurement of flow rate, waiting time until hot water comes out, and checking construction are possible.